Electronic Signatures also apply here!

Electronic Signatures also apply hereCan you imagine a world where you would never have to sign a physical piece of paper ever again? That wonderful vision is the basis for this post. Oh, and the huge cost savings that can be achieved by doing so. Electronic Signatures or Digital Transactions Management, while it often starts within sales – you can apply it almost anywhere.

Some examples:

  • Salesforce.com saved 63$ per offer letter sent using DocuSign, saving 63.000$ within the first 6 months of implementation.
  • LinkedIn aims to have no physical papers circulating, saving a ton on paper, ink and postage.

Essentially, any process that is based on physical paper, will not only be sped up significantly and save loads of administrative hours –  it will also give you a greener profile, save you money, reduce errors, and even make you seem cooler as a company.

So how many areas can you actually apply electronic document handling in?

I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing this picture from DocuSign’s website, and as you can see there are solutions for just about every department that you have.

Applications of Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management

Taking a look at EchoSign’s options, they say that within Sales you can lift Quotes, Contracts and Renewals from being paper-based to being digital documents; within HR they mention Offer Letters, New Hire Contracts, & Policy Acknowledgements; and finally within Procurement they mention Purchase Orders, Supplier Contracts, & Business Compliance Agreements.

Moving on to a smaller vendor like Scrive, they have a browser plugin that integrates with your existing PoS Systems, so instead of generating a contract and printing it – you can throw it into Scrive and have it signed via a tablet or email, directly at the stores. It is all about being #PaperFree and saving the trees.

Let me say it differently: I hope for a paperless society.

Why this post? Because I have a folder thick with paper – often contracts – from various vendors who haven’t adopted digital signing yet. I really dislike paper. It’s heavy, it takes up space, it fades & it is less flexible when organizing it.

Too me, obvious areas this can be implemented in, are:

  • Long Contracts from Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds etc.
  • Patient Forms & Prescriptions slips
  • Information Capture from 3rd parties
  • Every single internal paper form that needs signing

But why not take it further? I was recently in an Apple Store in Malmö to buy a cover for my new iPhone. After having paid, the sales person asked me if I wanted the receipt printed or if he could just send it to my email. Email – no brainer. For supermarkets, electronic stores etc. – why not make them digital as well?

What about you – what paper based process would you like to see being digitally enabled?

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